The system is designed to improve customer service. Table is supplied with QR- code sticker. Client scans the code and falls to a page, where there is the possibility to select the desired service, whether it be to “bring menu”, “pay” or “call the waiter” Desire of the client appears on the tablet, or on a waiter phone.

What is a QR-code?

This is a two-dimensional bar code. The acronym translates as "quick response ". The main advantage of QR-code - is light detection scanning equipment, including camera of any mobile phone. In this case, each table will have a QR-code. It can be scanned with a mobile phone that has a camera and a special program for scanning bar codes.

Order page

A page on which a client leaves request. Here the client can choose the following: "bring the menu", "pay" or "call the waiter". Once he click on an image, request is passed into system.


To view the requests staff can use a Tablet PC with touch screen, or any other computer.

Request page

The screen displays the page with a list of requests as they received. The waiter sees a time when client has entered a particular request. The system helps determine which orders have come before, and which later. Request is highlighted with yellow after 5 minutes, and turns red after 10 minutes. After waiter hadles a request, the waiter clicks on a button, and the request goes out from the list.


The Manager has access to the report, which retains all the request and their execution time. The Manager can keep track of how long the orders were carried out and if necessary take an action for future improvements.

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