This device allows clients to independently place an order, without using the waiter. This solution is ideal for the restaurants, cafe, bars, billiard, bowling and other public-service institutions, where in the rush hours number of the service personal is not sufficient for the rapid order entry. With the aid of this device client can rapidly place an order without waiting for waiter help or avoiding staing in a queue. Number of points of self-service must comply with the flow of customer specific institution. Orders are created with the aid of the touch screen tablet pc that is mounted on the bar desk or any other suitable location. In the tablet pc there is menu, where client can select desired products and place an order.


The housing is made from the stainless steel, that is attached to the bar desk. Inside the case there is a tablet pc with a touch screen. When computer starts it opens order page.

Order page

On the order page it is necessary to select language, category, desired products, and also method of payment and number of table, where order will be delivered.

Order processing

Order is printed to a printer. Waiter takes printed order and delivers ordered products to the client. Payment for the order the waiter takes at the place of delivery. There is the possibility to reflect order on the computer, on the mobile device or integrate this system with the point of sale (POS) systems. There is the possibility to obtain payment from the client at the moment of forming an order.

Site for the service provider

For the service provider's it has been created a management system, where it is possible to create necessary category, quickly and easily enter the food on the menu, as well as a convenient system of accountability.


As an additional option for ordering table can be supplied with QR-code sticker (two-dimensional bar code) and the client does not need to approach the bar desk to place an order. Customer just scans the bar code from mobile device and immediately gets to the order page. Each code is unique and contains information about the place of delivery.

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