The company CATz Soft Ltd. has developed several contemporary systems for the self-service which significantly simplifies the work of the service personnel, and clients that uses our system avoids long waits and queues.

Who are the consumers of our self-service systems?
Such IT- solutions can be used in the public-service institutions, where service personnel have to serve the large number of clients. It can be cafe, restaurants, bars, billiard, bowling and other public-service institutions.

If you want to keep abreast of the time, then such solutions for you! Indeed tablet computers are the leaders of sales among the computer technology. At same time the QR- code is the most popular tendency in the entire world! Today this bar code can be seen on the tables in the restaurants, in the periodicals, on the advertising panels. By scanning such code, the client directed to the internet page where he gets additional information or service right on his smart phone!

What are the purposes of our self-service systems?
The latest technology helps substantially improve the quality and increase speed of client service. Your client will be satisfied so and you. Your clients will quickly notice as you watch for new trends and offer a modern service. Take care of your clients, improving service quality and increasing speed of client service by using our technologies.

How to order our self-service systems?
Are you interested in our system and you want to buy them? Send your inquiry to e-mail, or contact us via skype: thecatkin

Point Of Self Service

This system allows clients to place an order with help of a Tablet PC that is installed in the institution. Created order quickly gets into the system and to service personnel. Clients that are using this solution avoids standing in a queue or avoids waiting for waiter.

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QR Code Waitress Calling System

This system allows clients to call service personnel using the smart phone or place an request. To do that client has to scan the QR-code, which is located on each table.

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Place food delivery

The convenience of this solution is that the client does not need to approach the bar or wait for the waiter to place an order, because he can easily do it with a smart phone.

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